• Testimony from some of our children!

    Good people out there: No one wants to be an ORPHAN and wants to suffer; ITS SO PAINFUL to lose a parent or both. BUT GLORY BE TO GOD OUR CREATOR: HE KNOWS BEST. Our childhood was not what one could call normal, struggling to survive. Our day to day lives involved begging for money from strangers on the streets to buy food, eating from dumbing sites and sleeping anywhere we could find shelter. Until a certain day in 2004 when a woman, Mrs Beatrice Shilongo approached us and promised to help us, by then we were about 16 of
    us. When we realized that this woman was genuine, we gathered other children who were in a similar situation as ours.
    Every Saturday she would come and meet us at the zoo park in town to feed us with bread, soup and oros. As if this was not enough she took most of us back to school and provided us with all our needs such as clothing and stationary. All this would not be possible without the help and donations from several sponsors. May God bless our mother Mrs Shilongo and all workers involved in caring and feeding us. "A mother's love is WHOLE"

  • Charity and Care Foundation was formed to serve as an open door home for Ophans and Vulnerable Children. We had ministered to the children in and around Windhoek since 2004 through accomodation, feeding, clothing ,and provision of Early Childhood for the little ones amongs our kids.