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  • Beatrice Shilongo

    Chairperson and Founder of Charity and Care Foundation. She founded Charity and Care Foundation in 2004 out of concern and care for children without parents. She used all her effort on helping children everyday including those who are infected with HIV/AIDS.   "Sometimes I would hear on the news, that babies are being dumped in rubbish bins, so I told myself that I should really act and prevent this terrible spirit. I started seeking young people who are living in unbearable situations such as young mothers with babies and unwanted pregnancies. I received many responses from them.   We were meeting in the Zoo park for counseling and feeding the children. It was GOD who made this possible for me so that I can see how children suffered and for me to start helping the Orphans and the Abandoned".

    The center has grown and is still growing. It cares and feeds more than 170 children including those on the streets. This is how Charity & Care Foundation was born, with two centres now for young mothers and for children in Katutura Greenwell Matongo 133 Lucia Street.

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