About Us

Charity and Care Foundation is a non-profit Christian organization for orphans and vulnerable children, registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services assigned number WO392. The organization started in 2004 as an open-door home and officially registered in 2010, with 45 children and now feeds and cares for more than 170 children and also feeds children on the streets. With many toddlers the center has introduced an Early Child hood Development Centre which is focusing on providing Child care services. We also take in young mothers who have been rejected by families due to their conditions. These young mothers are kept until they are able to take care of their babies, they are trained in sewing so that they are able to generator an income for their babies after leaving the center.

The center has 12 trained volunteer care-givers ( mothers) who take care of the children and provides training on how to stay away from sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases by means of counseling. The age group of children is from 0-18 years old. These children have no proper home therefore they live in shacks made of iron sheets with no toilet or running water. Some of them are HIV positive and have been on regular medical attention and treatment.

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